Our Diversity is Interesting

Our diversity is interesting, but it should not divide us. So, let's replace all of the "Us versus Them Mentalities" with a "This versus That Approach". ~michael w. jones

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The Crucifixion Was Non-sense | PZ Myers

angryoldmanmyers.jpgAfter the show, Jones said, "It's takes the honesty and integrity of a PZ Myers to get theists to question their fixed beliefs. His willingness to confront the best and the worst of theologies is why he keeps moving people forward. And tonight, I think that he demonstrated his passion for truth and his love for all humanity, and it's truly something that we so desperately need."

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The Transparency of Bob Greaves is Amazing

887217_407531942675653_285922679_o.jpgI used to be a hard core, righteously angry, fire breathing, straight down the middle, fundamentalist preacher. My influences were John R. Rice and Charles G Finney. I loved my time spent at Bob Jones University. I used to think the way to lead someone to Christ was to preach sin and righteousness with such effective power that they lost all hope of surviving the presence of a holy God...

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Share Your Thoughts With Us


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Joshua Tongol Keeps Moving Forward

923001_10151505963106911_342613165_n.jpgThe rhetoric and logic system of Jesus isn't even in the same field of reasoning that presuppositional apologetics are. So, I'm thankful that Joshua Tongol left apologetics to pursue something closer to the real Christ. 

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Words Have Usage, Not Meaning

Words have usage, not inherent meaning; meaning is derived from a context by which phonemes are put together from systems of inflection, i.e., in how they are used morphologically and syntagmatically by the design of each author/speaker, and this creates a lexemic field to/for the receptor/hearer. 

The etymological, diachronic, and synchronic use of a word does shape, to a degree, a semantic domain field for analysis, but none of this should be thought of as inherent meaning, for each word is always subject to the arbitrary nature of its user. In this sense, meaning should be thought of as a contextually driven extension of word usage. So, words, in and of themselves, are meaningless, i.e., without the linguistic and non-linguistic elements.

~michael w. jones

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PZ Myers is Slated for The Place

PZ Myers will be on our show tomorrow night. We will be discussing the non-sense of the crucifixion, i.e., its theology....

It's rather strange how theists generally use the same philosophical arguments, and yet, tie them to completely different canons, doctrines and Gods. So, the atheist has no clue as to what a theist might say in a conversation, for it's rare to find theists who agree and are willing to be honest about empirical evidence etc. 

Link to live show: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ncg-studios

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Greg Brahe: Our Resident Biologist & Atheist

60488_485140168223258_1004110194_n.jpgIf you have a theistic position that you would like to share with Greg Brahe, I'm quite certain that he would count it a privilege to hear your thoughts. 

Here's what Greg wrote a few minutes ago:

"I believe in humanity. I believe in love. I believe in empathy, compassion, in the incredible power of people experiencing those things to move mountains even in the face of the most crushing and devastating of circumstances. I believe in freedom. I believe that humans have the basic fundamental right to decide what path they follow and the responsibility to recognize that and to choose their paths wisely. I believe in curiosity, in wonder, in imagination, and in the ability of a child to exhibit all of these in limitless amounts about things that we, as adults, have come to take for granted.

I believe in myself, my wife, my son, my family and my friends. I believe that the happiness that we share and the memories that we make together are valuable to us, and that it does not matter if they will be remembered in a thousand years because they are happening to us, now. I believe that we all must determine the meaning of our own lives and...

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Mandrake D'esqoyn | Atheists and Theists Together


Mandrake D'esqoyn is the spokesman for The New Covenant Group: Atheists and Theists Together. He spends a lot of time finding others to put his words in their words. For example: Joey got the nudge and said, "I've been with The New Covenant Group for around 18 years now. In that time, it has changed a lot, not once, but many times. But in my view, at its core, The New Covenant Group has always been about the discussion, i.e. learning to embrace the conversational journey, no matter where it may take you, with courage, being willing to be honest about yourself and willing to change when you find yourself in error, realizing that what is true is more important than what we wish to be true....

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The Cult of Honesty Slates Two Linguistic Experiments


Screen_shot_2013-05-04_at_3.35.57_PM.pngThe Cult of Honesty will feature 2 linguistic experiments this week plus a Q & A with our Hangout panel. Contact Greg Brahe if you would like to be part of these experiments and the conversation that follows. 

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