Sweat & Bleed

12 November 2010

achievement.jpgIt honors me when people tell me that I'm full of talent. People can be so kind and  encouraging. But it also worries me, because it feels like people are  disqualifying themselves from achieving heights as great, or greater,  than anything I could ever hope to reach for. God has blessed us all so richly, everyone of us. That means you. Keep trying. Keep reaching.  That's half the fun. Pour your heart and soul into what you love. Try  really, really hard to achieve excellence. Sweat and bleed. Let your  passion bring you to your knees, collapsed and weeping before the One  who blessed you with the nerve to reach beyond the tiny box that the  world says you belong in. Do something awesome every day. And when  you're done, smile and feel proud. Then set it aside, and tell yourself  that you can do better.

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Posted by Gert on
For the love of God, keep writing these atricles.
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