The Theology of Death?

"Theologians argue that we were created to live forever", Dr. Jones says, "but that the first man, Adam, sinned, and that as a result of that sin, God cursed all of mankind to suffer a spiritual death."


I'm sitting with Dr. Michael W. Jones in his office, drinking a cup of coffee. He sits across from me, preparing his bowling ball for a league series game. He's not good at bowling, he once told me, and that's what he likes about it. Doing things you're not good at is healthy for the mind, he said. It helps to keep the world in perspective, and reminds you that everybody is good at something, but nobody is good at everything. This is why we need each other, he argued. This is why people need to work together.

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Anger is Insanity

anger-is-insanity.jpgWhen we begin to admire the true character traits of God — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control — it becomes clear that possessing these character traits is the true definition of sanity, and that insanity is being void of such qualities, and that the further our nature is from God's nature, the more insane we are.

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Sweat & Bleed

achievement.jpgKeep trying. Keep reaching.

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