God Says "You're Good Enough".
Now It's Time to Become Better.

Posted November 26, 2011 at 6:35 PM by Joey Livingston


For thousands of years, men and women have poured out their lives, souls, and blood, and yet to this very day have still failed time and time again, to attain righteousness, achieve perfection, and purge their world of evil, all in an effort to become good enough for the love and approval of their Creator. They reach out endlessly to a God who created them less than perfect, and yet they believe that He demands nothing less than perfection from them. When they fall short, as all men inevitably do, they throw themselves at the feet of their Creator, begging for mercy, forgiveness, and salvation from the wrath and anger that they believe God has in store for them. This age of man's fear, insecurity, and estrangement toward God has lasted for thousands of years. It once was an age of ignorance, then it was an age of naivety, and now is an age of sheer drunken stupidity.

It's time for this age to come to a crashing end. The labor pains of a new beginning began 2,000 years ago when Jesus Christ walked the face of this earth, but the completion of its full birth is long overdue.

2,000 years ago the apostle John stared boldly into the face of modern religion and defied everything that it stood for when he said, "No one has ever understood God, but the uniquely born Son, who is actually God Himself, has made Him known." This single statement drew a sharp line between all of the writings and claims about God that came before that day, and all the writings that came after that day, calling the reliability of the old testament writings into question, and indeed rejecting their veracity altogether.

In Romans 5, the apostle Paul took a huge step out of modern religion when he stated the astounding "Δικαιωθέντες οὖν ἐκ πίστεως", which meant nothing short of this: According to what God Himself says, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH...a point that God said with His words and nuanced with His blood. This was a sharp and contrasting picture to all of the writings of paganism and judaism, which all claimed that the created children of God lacked the worth to deserve the love of their Heavenly Father.

Today Dr. Michael W. Jones speaks to a world who has drowned the meaning of these great visionaries in a mire of old testament fear and superstition. He speaks as a scholar of the original languages of the Bible, and he makes clear what has long been diluted by the stumblings of outdated translation models and the error of presumptuous teachers who lacked the courage to walk away from old testament thinking. He paints the picture of a better world, built upon an uncensored picture of who God really is, leaving behind the fear and violence driven notions of the ancient world. In the spirit of the apostle Paul, he inspires the people of The New Covenant Group to put aside humanity's childish age of pretending, and move forward into a new age of maturity, an age of actually knowing God.

The picture is clear. Jesus is God. The writers of the old testament did not understand Him. He showed us who God is, and what God is actually like, by showing us Himself. While the writers of the old testament pushed us away from God, Jesus drew us near. The writers of the old testament would not let us come to God, but Jesus came to us. The writers of the old testament demanded our love and devotion toward God under penalty of death, but Jesus loved us and served us without demanding anything.

2,000 years ago, the mythology of the past was destroyed by the reality of the present. The writers of the old testament said that we are not good enough, but Jesus showed us that we are. And so let us stand together today, putting off the notions and superstitions of the old man, and moving forward fully into the reality of Jesus Christ, the only true God, who has lived in each and every one of our hearts since the dawn of humanity, and let us say together, in voices courageous and strong, that WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOD'S LOVE. The writers of the old testament demanded that we believe in God, but God is here today, in the hearts of each woman and man, saying with a clear voice and a resounding truth, that He believes in you. If you have ever breathed a breath of air, or if you've ever been on the mind of God, then you are His child, and all He has is yours, and that will never change.

new_birth_2.jpgAnd so let us take the steps that Jesus Christ laid before us 2,000 years ago, into a new age of understanding God's true and full love, and with the courage and strength that pours into our hearts and souls from knowing that we have always been good enough for God...let us now become better. It is amazing to know that we are good enough, but it is the divine calling of God, and the mission of The New Covenant Group through the leadership of Dr. Michael W. Jones, to become better. Jesus had much to say about what it will take to make the world better, to make people stronger, and to bring humanity to a place of full maturity. Let us therefore cease the insane practices of a fear-driven and dead theology, and instead begin the true work of Christ. Let us learn to love each other more than ourselves, to be kind and to serve, to reach out to those less fortunate, to spend time with all of those in need; let us learn to love those who love us and love those who hate us, to never hurt anyone but to always help everyone; let us learn to give until it hurts to all of the people in this world who are hurting. We have an amazing Heavenly Father who has given us an amazing world in which to grow, a world that requires our full attention and love, full of a family of people who need us, need you, to stand up and do what is good for them, for your children, for your neighbor, for the people you know and the people you don't know, for the downtrodden and destitute, and for the generations of people who will come after you. This is the true calling of God, and this is the mission of The New Covenant Group.

Author's Note:

My name is Joey Livingston. I am an artist, and I authored this piece. Good art requires a vision, and great art requires a revolution. Dr. Michael W. Jones is that visionary, and that revolutionary, and this is his world-changing theology. His vision is my inspiration, and his life's work is my revolution. Move forward with us as we grow in this life-changing truth that inspires confidence and freedom in the hearts of all people.


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