Words Have Usage, Not Meaning

Words have usage, not inherent meaning; meaning is derived from a context by which phonemes are put together from systems of inflection, i.e., in how they are used morphologically and syntagmatically by the design of each author/speaker, and this creates a lexemic field to/for the receptor/hearer. 

The etymological, diachronic, and synchronic use of a word does shape, to a degree, a semantic domain field for analysis, but none of this should be thought of as inherent meaning, for each word is always subject to the arbitrary nature of its user. In this sense, meaning should be thought of as a contextually driven extension of word usage. So, words, in and of themselves, are meaningless, i.e., without the linguistic and non-linguistic elements.

~michael w. jones

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Mandrake D'esqoyn | Atheists and Theists Together


Mandrake D'esqoyn is the spokesman for The New Covenant Group: Atheists and Theists Together. He spends a lot of time finding others to put his words in their words. For example: Joey got the nudge and said, "I've been with The New Covenant Group for around 18 years now. In that time, it has changed a lot, not once, but many times. But in my view, at its core, The New Covenant Group has always been about the discussion, i.e. learning to embrace the conversational journey, no matter where it may take you, with courage, being willing to be honest about yourself and willing to change when you find yourself in error, realizing that what is true is more important than what we wish to be true....

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Joshua Tongol at The Place

After the show, Jones said, "Joshua Tongol is questioning "what man said God said", but I don't know if most theists can accept his honesty, and yet, his willingness to move forward without worrying about what others may say or think should empower them to be so honest and bold." 


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Is Church Harmful? | David Silverman, Eric Hovind, & Sye Ten Bruggencate

This show, Is Church Harmful?, was one in a series of shows to give atheists and theists alike an opportunity to raise their concerns about church history and its future, i.e., in a respectful manner. However, some chose to ignore the intent of the show despite the efforts of The NCG. So, The New Covenant Group issued the following encouragement: "If we can learn to love and accept everyone unconditionally, it will ensure meaningful conversations that will serve to move us forward." 

After the show, Jones said, "If the "church", i.e., in principle, built the premise of its methods and practices on the words contained in a canon, i.e., one created by their own design, and it did, and if those who rendered εκκλησια failed miserably, i.e., by giving us the term "church", and they did, then would it be useful if English-only readers of the text were given a meaningful equivalent to what the documents of the NT claim that Jesus said. 


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God Says "You're Good Enough". Now It's Time to Become Better.


For thousands of years, men and women have poured out their lives, souls, and blood, and yet to this very day have still failed time and time again, to attain righteousness, achieve perfection, and purge their world of evil, all in an effort to become good enough for the love and approval of their Creator. They reach out endlessly to a God who created them less than perfect, and yet they believe that He demands nothing less than perfection from them. When they fall short, as all men inevitably do, they throw themselves at the feet of their Creator, begging for mercy, forgiveness, and salvation from the wrath and anger that they believe God has in store for them. This age of man's fear, insecurity, and estrangement toward God has lasted for thousands of years. It once was an age of ignorance, then it was an age of naivety, and now is an age of sheer drunken stupidity.

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The Old Testament in the Light of New Covenant Thinking


To claim that God commanded David, or anyone else, to participate in genocide, infanticide, slavery, etc., is the claim of the old testament, but it is not a claim that The New Covenant Group holds to be true.

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