Join the Movement. Support the Mission.

Every day, billions of people across the world are told that God has rejected them, that He loves them, but if they don't reciprocate, he will burn them forever in hell. This isn't love, it's abuse. It leaves a sick feeling in the stomach, but we put a smile on our faces and we accept the offer, because we're afraid to be punished so eternal torture.

The New Covenant Group is working hard to dispel this mythology. But we can't do it alone. We need your help. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and it's going to take time, effort, and money.  Your one-time donations of $5, $10, $30, $100, or even $1000 or more are needed, and each dollar helps us to take one more step towards a world that isn't terrorized by a mythological God, a world that isn't filled with religious bias and hatred, a world where everyone is free to love each and every man and woman, regardless of who they are.  This is our mission.

If you're interested in making a monthly commitment of $30 or more, please give us a call at 850-549-3677, and someone will make arrangements for you.

Join the movement! The New Covenant Group is an exciting place to be, and a wonderful group to be involved in.  Every day is a new step into a better world!  We can't wait to meet you and work with you!